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“How Anti-Counterfeit Tech Increases Your Revenue & Brand Value”

With our technology, our clients have been able to recover their revenues for up to 150 million Euros. Our anti-counterfeit technology stops counterfeits and improves your brand's value in the eyes of the consumer.

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"A recent research by the United States’ IntellectualProperty and CounterfeitGoods department carried out in February 2020 shows that as much as 88% of consumers believe that brands should do more and be proactive in fighting counterfeits."

"It also reports that 68% areof the view that most brands are not taking the fight against counterfeitsseriously and this has a significant impact on the premium they place on a brand and ultimately the purchasing decision; consumers tend to prefer brands that actively fight counterfeits."

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The Damaging Effects of Counterfeiting on Your Brand; In this whitepaper, you get to see the detrimental effects that counterfeits have on your product, customers, the value of your brand, and how this becomes a threat your revenue, and the survival of your business

The Effectiveness of Cypheme's AI Technology for Brand Protection; This whitepaper shows you how Cypheme's artificial intelligence (AI) approach to product and brand protection is unrivaled, and the revenue recoveruy to your business as a result.

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No. of Lives Saved

75,000 Lives

No. of Fakes Eliminated

10 Million Fake Products

Clients' Revenue Gain

150 Million Euros

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