Discovering the Value of Powerful Anti-counterfeit Technologies for Brands

Get to understand the correlation between Brand Value and Anti-counterfeit Technology

It's today!

July 7th

at 14:00 CEST/ 5:00 PST/ 17:30 IST

Areas of focus;

See how counterfeits negatively impact customers' view of brand

Discover the unique power of Cypheme's AI solution to increase your brand appeal

Learn how anti-counterfeit tech can improve your brand image and increase your revenue as a result

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Meet the speakers

Gilles Bonnabeau

Vice President, Regional Sales

Hugo Garcia-Cotte

CEO, Cypheme

Tony Belasco

Vice President, Regional Sales

What will you learn?

88% of consumers say that product counterfeits erode the trust that they have in a brand!

Counterfeiting is global menace which threatens human lives and the survival of businesses.

This webinar would unveil the solutions that powerful anti-counterfeit technologies have to offer.

Learn about new and strategic approaches to product and brand protection


Discover the secrets of how anti-counterfeit technology can help you recover lost revenue


Anti-counterfeit technogies have a proven track record in increasing brand value.

Get to know the immense benefits that your brand would get when you implement anti-counterfeit solutions like Cypheme's


See real life impact that Cypheme's anti-counterfeit solution has had on brands and the positive turn-around in the companies' fortunes



Cypheme CEO, Hugo Garcia-Cotte would be touching on how you can seamlessly inculcate product protection into your manufacturing and operational processes.

He anchors a session that sheds light on how to make anti-counterfeiting a part of your processes such that it feels very natural without any form of friction with your existing processes.

Cypheme's VP Sales for Europe and Africa, Gilles Bonnabeau will show you how anti-counterfeit technologies can help you recover lost revenues.

This session would be backed by a practical case study of how Cypheme's anti-counterfeit solution has helped an existing client to recover millions of Euros in revenue, and also brought counterfeiters to justice.

Tony Belasco, VP Sales, APAC and The Americas at Cypheme will run a session that delves into how your brand can stand out from competitors by actively seeking to use existing state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit technologies.

During this session, an example of how a company used Cypheme's anti-counterfeit solution to gain a competitive edge in the market would be examined

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