Eliminating Counterfeit Rings with AI Technology

The most intriguing counterfeiting stories from the underworld and how they were solved, with strong lessons for your business.


July 13th

at 15:00 CET

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Top Highlights!

Hear firsthand accounts of how criminal counterfeiit rings were dessimated

Discover how the unique power of Cypheme's AI helps to increase your revenue

Learn what to do when your enterprise confronted by the issue of counterfeiting criminals

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Meet the speakers

Mika Tarvainen

Mika has 25 years of experience leading multinational manufacturing and supply chain companies in Europe and Asia (mobile phones, semi conductors, optics, pharmaceuticals)

Gilles Bonnabeau

Sales Director, Cypheme

Gilles has been a leader in the anti-counterfeit space for about 3 decades leading global sales teams. He has first-hand experience with the tracking and apprehension of criminal counterfeit rings.

Learning Points

How you can reduce your counterfeiting issues by as much as 80% in the space of 3 months!

Counterfeiting is global menace which threatens human lives and the survival of businesses.

This webinar would reveal to you how Cypheme helps you overcome this headache easily.

Learn about new and strategic approaches to product and brand protection


Discover the secrets of how anti-counterfeit technology can help you recover lost revenue


Cypheme has saved more than 30,000 lives and recovered over 100 Million Euros for businesses.

Get to know the immense benefits that your brand would get when you implement anti-counterfeit solutions from Cypheme


See real life impact that Cypheme's anti-counterfeit solution has had on brands and the positive turn-around in the companies' fortunes